Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2011 Garden

Here is Ohio, you never know what the weather is going to be like, so you never even think about putting your garden out until after Mother's Day, and usually not until around Memorial Day.  This year, we are just starting to do that.  Early in the spring, my dad decided he wanted to have a garden at his house.  So he had some friends and Foxy help him.  Now, as most of us know, it's been a rather wet spring.  But that hasn't slowed him down.  He collected a whole bunch of tomato plants, and what he didn't use, he gave to us.   So as we were planting them Monday evening, we counted up 20 plants!  If this is a good year, I am going to be canning a lot of tomatoes!  Here are some pictures.

This is one of the plants.  They are kind of pitiful.  Last night we staked most of them.  Tonight, after I get home from church, we will plant the watermelon, and the beans.  I also have peas and maybe some cucumbers.  I want zucchini, peppers, and Foxy wants radishes.  We didn't get near enough radishes. 

So that is where we have started.  Next time I'm at my parents, I'll get a picture of what he is growing.  What are you growing this year?


  1. I'm not growing a thing.

    It's safer that way.

    Plus we're moving.

  2. Best of luck with your garden. I have never had one and don't have a spot where I can have one in this house but I do have one tomatoe plant that is doing well.
    You are going to have so many wonderful things to eat!

  3. I live in Ohio too and we never plant or mulch until the week before the Memorial tournament (we live on the Golf course) so we feel we should at least try to 'dress' up the house. But, I know how you feel, I hate mulching early, only to watch it wash away. Anyway, while doing yard work, my neighbor gave me a zucchini and a cucumber to plant. I have never planted vegetables so I am excited to see if I succeed. I am going to make Zucchini bread, I love Zucchini bread!
    I hope you get a lot of Tomatoes!!

    P.S. after swimming through May are you enjoying this week? It has been the most beautiful week!!


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