Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New School Year and Attitude

Monday was the beginning of the new school year.  I haven't taken first day photos for quite some time, But I decided to embarrass them.  But of  course, they do get all hammy for the camera.

Son and Daughter making fun of this.

Oops, my finger slipped!
So Daughter tells me that she is in a class of four people.  This one class is to help her pass the OGT for history.  She didn't pass that or science.  Anyway, this class has the four kids who didn't take the test again over the summer.  After the test in October, the rest of the semester will be watching movies and writing papers.

She also informed me that her two favorite classes are Accounting and Zoology.  She loves math, so that will be very helpful.  Yesterday she said in Zoology she will get to dissect seven different animals.  Now she freaked out over the dog killing a rabbit, but she is now excited about opening up dead animals?  We'll see what really happens.

Son is kind of indifferent on his classes, but that's okay.  I'm sure I'll have stories for you soon enough on his clowning around.

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