Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

What a crazy, busy, fun weekend! 

Friday night, Daughter, Son and I took Foxy out for his favorite pizza, then to the football scrimmage.  Don's Pizza was so yummy, and the football team won!  Woo-hoo!

Saturday, was my family reunion.  What a wonderful time.  We had not had a reunion in over 15 years, so almost 100 people showed up from all over, from Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky.  What a great time! 
Groups of our family sitting around talking, catching up.

Great-Uncle Dan and my Dad

Dad and his brother Bob.

The Tanneruther Clan

Cousin Dick and his son Joe.

The Rainey family  
It was so good to catch up and see how we had changed and made it through the years.   It was such a nice day and amazing to see us all there.  Those that put it on deserve a Huge Thank you!

Sunday we went to church, then rested until Hornet Day.  The band played, football, girls volleyball, soccer, cross-country, golf teams and band were all announced.  I helped the After-Prom Committee make money for what the kids want, which is go to Laser Web after Prom.  That sounds like a lot of fun. 

It rained on us a bit, but we did get everything in and had a great time. 

Today, the kids started back to school.  I did get a picture of them that I show later, plus shots from last night.  This is not as busy a week, but I am glad we are back on a schedule.  The kids need that structure for school.  It will wear them out this first couple of weeks, but that's okay.  Maybe Son will go to bed earlier!  NAH!

How was your weekend?

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