Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rabbit Died

Saturday morning, Josie Belle was out on the back porch.  The kids and I were up and I noticed Josie Belle was digging around in one of the unused large plastic pots.  The last time she did that, she pulled out a dead animal and ate it.  This time, I noticed she had something in her mouth, but I had no idea what it was (her back was to us).  I told the kids to look at her.  They commented things like, "gross", and "stupid dog".  We kind of giggled about it and went back to getting ready for the day. 
Then my daughter started screaming!  She is  freaked out, and I came running to the back glass door and saw Josie Belle with something in it's mouth.  It was the head of a rabbit!  The face was hanging out, you could see the cute little nose, the beady eyes, and the the ears flopping toward the ground.  She ran back and forth across the back porch and then to another empty pot and buried it.  Daughter is still freaking out, yelling things about needing therapy and I run to get my camera to take a picture.  Alas, she would stay still long enough for the Kodak moment.
It was quite the morning.  I think I need to get rid of those pots, yet strangely, I secretly love the fact that my dog's quite the hunter and saves her food.  This was not her first rabbit.  She's killed mice, birds, squirrels, and just a couple weeks ago, she tried to get a raccoon out of our garage.  What a girl!

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