Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Update

Well that was a fun weekend!  Foxy worked the whole time, Son went through Soccer Ref Clinics, Daughter went to a sleepover, we had a fire in the firepit, and yesterday was my company picnic.  It's was fun, though.

Son will start refereeing this coming Saturday at a tournament.  I have to find him a referee yellow shirt, black shorts and back socks with 3 white stripes.  So I am looking.

At the picnic yesterday, Son decided to do some Owling.  Have you heard of this?  First there was planking.  Planking is where you lay face down on some small thing.  Owling is where you perch on something small, or very high up. I'm trying to get a picture to upload, but having some trouble.  I'm so sad about not getting the picture up.  It's a great picture!

As soon as I can get it to post, I will.  How was your weekend?

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