Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remember that time at band camp when....and Glee

If you haven't seen GLEE, then don't read the first paragraph! 

Can I just say that I loved GLEE, except for Quinn's song with all the pregnant teens dancing.  Did not care for that at all.  Just my preference, I guess.  I loved her first solo, so it's not her voice.  I think it was just the song.  My kids kept asking if it was possible for pregnant women to dance like that.  I told them that it was, just weird.  LOL.  My favorite and most appalling part was Audio Adrenaline egging Rachel!  I sat up and was like "Oh My Gosh!"  Then was disappointed when Jesse also egged her.

 (Son is on the end with the drum.)

Last night, I went to a marching band meeting for new marchers.  I had been to last year's meeting, but because Son is also going to join the band, my attendance was required.  What it really did was give me a chance to pay for camp and sign up for helping out. 

I am all for helping out.  There are going to be about seventy kids in our marching band, which is really exciting.  My main focus is on band camp and snacks.  We were informed that we are getting a chance to help out with a new concession stand during football games.  That is nice and all, but I want to watch the band and football game.  So I won't participate in that.  I will go anywhere and everywhere with the band.  There is even a need to have several people with big trucks that will be able to pull the band trailer.  I told Foxy last night that he could get a new truck if that meant getting in to the football games for free and it has to be a lifetime thing.  I will do that forever.  He is thinking about it.  He thinks we should only help until Son is graduated.  So we are in negotiations on that. 

I love going to band camp.  Last year was my first experience.  I love going, watching the band build formations and learning everything.  I am so into music that it is really neat to see it go from "Ground Zero" to full blown marching. Now that Daughter (who made Drill Team) and Son (who tries out for Drumline next week), will be there.  All the more reason.  I am there for the kids.  Last year, I got to know Spike because I helped him take care of his ingrown toenail.  Gross, yes, but he's a cool kid.  His mom and I hit it off and help each other out.

Band camp is in August.  I got signed up, but I am not spending the night on Friday night. Someone got to the sheet for that before me.  I also talked Foxy in to spending the nights.  They always need dads to help out.  I promised him that all he needed to do was get there at 11 pm, sleep, and he could leave at 7 am.   But I also signed up to get drinks for 70+ kids at the first game.  So exciting!  Now I have to get both Foxy and I fingerprinted so that we can volunteer and then he will also be ready when it's time for Son to go to Washington DC next spring. 

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