Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to all my new friends!  I hope you are all well.

Today's wackiness is courtesy of my dad (Gpa) and my son (Son).  They are a pair.  One is 67, one is 13.  They are spending the majority of the summer together, mostly at my request for Gpa to keep Son busy and out of trouble.  But so far, Son doesn't seem to mind.  This only happens when Foxy is working. 

Last night, Gpa and Gma came over to pick up Son. Gpa brought his new laptop over and was show us thing about it.  It is nice.  It has a camera on it, so Son started taking pictures of Gpa and himself.  Next thing I know, there are green neon bars on the screen and they are laughing, saying this is what is going to happen this summer.   JAIL!  I rolled my eyes and told them that if I get a call from the cops, they will just sit in there until I am good and ready to get them out.  Gpa looked at Son and said, "What happens between Gpa and Son, stays between Gpa and Son."   Well, that will never happen because Son is always telling me what trouble he and Gpa create/get in to. 

Son went over there last night because Foxy works today and tomorrow.  Our church helps out the first Wednesday of every month at the local food bank.  So my parents go help.  Son gets to help out too.  Son is 5'9" and fairly strong.  He will be good to help the older people with the heavy boxes.  Also, when his best friend gets to town in 2 days for the summer, they will meet there and mess around.  Last year J-dog and Son had some cool adventures, like find a bat!  J-dog's grandmother is a member of our church and family.   Anyway, there will be stories about J-dog and Son I am sure later this summer. 

Son also had his first Percussion Clinic yesterday.  There were like ten kids trying out and Son was the only one to pick cymbals.  I hear most drum lines don't consider cymbals as part of the drum line, but we are small enough we do.  I asked him why cymbals and he said because no one else picked it.  Always have to be different and stand out, don't ya?  That's my boy!  Anyway, he loved the three hours yesterday and learned his piece quickly.  He is good and going by ear and memorizing, so hopefully that will be an advantage for him.  He said the hard part was learning to stand at attention.  Something about butt cheeks pinching a marble, knees not locked, shoulders up, back, down.  I know that very quickly they holler these things for the whole band.

Have a great Wednesday.  Oh, it's really wet here!  Torrential rains this AM, so thank you God for watering my garden!  I so appreciate that.


  1. Hello!

    I'm visiting from iFellowship! Have an awesome Wednesday! :)

    Joy at

  2. It's great that your son and his grandparents are able to spend so much time together! And I love it when God waters the garden! :)

    ♥ Michelle
    (visiting from iFellowship)

  3. I hope that Gpa and Son have an amazing summer together!!!

  4. I poured here this morning too. My grass has never looked so green for June. I'm sure by July it be brown! Ha ha ha! Have a great day!


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