Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Update for June 18 - 20 - I made this long because there is more hours of light today.

Happy Summer Solstice!  What are you doing today to celebrate summer?  I am working.  How exciting is that?

This was a pretty busy weekend. We celebrated Father's Day, Daughter left for Church Camp, we were shopping all was pretty busy.

Friday, I left work and went to the hospital.  My very close friend's father passed away suddenly and I needed to be with her.  She just lost her mother three months ago, so this is probably enough to put anyone over the edge.  My heart is with her and her family right now.

In the evening, we had the closing program for Vacation Bible School.  We had the closing program which the MC kept adding to and it ended up being over and hour and a half.  Ridiculous!  It should have been 40 minutes, in and out and then everyone could have fun.  But sometimes people like being in the limelight and thinks everyone won't mind "just one more song." 

On a good note, the students raised over $700 for the missionary.  This year the mission chosen was called the Warrior Backpack Program.  The local school system started this last year and each week packed a backpack of food for children to take home.  It wasn't for low-income students, or anything like that, it is to insure that all kids get at least a few good, healthy meals on the weekends because sometimes the only healthy food that a child gets is from the school during breakfast and lunch.  Just this $700 can make over 2,500 meals!  That is half of what they did last year.  Way to go kids!

We had a cookout following the program and a dunking booth which the kids really enjoyed.  Then some of us cleaned up and got outta there!

Saturday, Daughter and I got up and piddle around for a bit.  She was leaving for camp on Sunday, and we still needed to get her a one-piece swimsuit and the essentials.  Plus she was still doing laundry and had not started packing.

So we picked up BFF and went shopping.  Shopping with Daughter is honestly not always fun.  She likes to look and look, until it comes to swimsuits.  See, she's top heavy and hates the suits with support.  She's only 15, but she is twice as big as me in this department and it's something I have never had to worry about.

Anyway, we ended up at Dick's Sporting Goods and found one that was not only expensive, but not stylish.  She's all about fashion, you know.  I think it's cute, but I'm just Mom.

I also found this shirt for Son that is black with an orange and blue basketball on the front made of little pieces of basketball material.  It says something like I don't have to tell you how good I am.  Just watch and learn.  This is in black all through the emblem on his shirt.  I thought it was kinda cool.  He basically work it the rest of the weekend.

We finished up the shopping, got food and went to Costco.  There I got my Dad and Foxy's presents.  My Dad is a huge American history buff, so I found a book on Abraham Lincoln's last 12 months in office.  He already started reading it.

For Foxy, the kids (Son) wanted to get him some DVDs.  So I picked these.

We watched Shutter Island yesterday. Son wanted to because we heard it was really scary and he didn't want to have nightmares.  So we watched it at 3:30 in the afternoon.  It was really a good, play with the mind suspenseful movie.  There was only one scene that kinda freaked the guys out.  I apparently was getting a load of laundry done, so I didn't see it.  Son keeps come running in to me, tagging me and shouting "Tag, your it!"  If you have seen the movie, this will make sense to you.   We haven't seen the other two, but Foxy has talked about The Book of Eli since seeing previews for it.  He was happy with the selections.

Anyway, we gave the gifts to our Dads on Saturday evening when we went out to eat.  We went to Smokey Bones.  It was yummy, and a lot of food.  We celebrated Father's Day a day early because of Daughter leaving.  It worked out well.  Everyone was happy.

Well, mostly.  Daughter gets really nervous when she goes away from home for extended periods of time.  So Saturday evening and Sunday morning she was a little weepy.  BFF did everything he could to keep her upbeat and not crying.  He didn't want that.  He will miss her, but she needs to go.  She needs this time away.  She loves camp.  she has basically grown up there.  There is just her and Dancer.  They were making all kinds of plans and will have a great time. I will miss her this week, but it helps her grow up a little.

Sunday we had a great church service, ran to get lunch and then finish Daughter's packing.  Then I took her over to Dancer's house.  Dancer's mom was taking them to camp.  I am picking them up.

Then, I came home, did some light cleaning and piddled around the house the rest of the night.  It was nice to be home and not running.

As usual, it was a very busy, crazy weekend.  I don't see it getting any better in the foreseeable future, either.  Have a great Summer Solstice!


  1. I can't even imagine a weekend so busy! It's been a while since I had one of those. I saw Shutter Island in the theater and enjoyed it quite a bit.

  2. i think that bathing suit is very cute!

    i just saw from paris with love - it should have been a GREAT movie, except stupid jonathan rhys meyers is so craptacular in it that it was hard to enjoy how fun travolta was. i tried to get my bf to rent shutter island last night! no luck, i need to keep plying him ;-)

  3. I use to have those kind of weekend when the kids were little, but Whew! That made me tired just reading your agenda! Thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you. I'm your latest follower. Have a great day!

  4. Wow...what a busy weekend! I think the swim suit is really cute:) I am top heavy as well and I understand your dd's frustration. I hope she has fun at camp!


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