Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation Bible School Fun

I thought about doing Wordless Wednesday, then I saw Wordful Wednesday, and then I saw WTH Wednesday.  But I have a lot of pictures and explaining, so I thought....I'll just do my own thing today.

This week at church is Vacation Bible School.  Our theme this year is Hero Headquarters.  I am one of four teachers.  There are some pictures to show off how much fun we are having.

This is the night sky in one of our rooms.  The story is about Heros take Action!  It is the story of the shepherds watching their sheep and the angel coming to tell them of baby Jesus being born.  My Dad is the teacher.  He dresses up as a shepherd, tell the kids how dumb and smelly sheep are and how the shepherds did what the angel told them to do.  During this, he lets the kids herd the "sheep" (which are balloons) with staffs from one side of the room to the other.  His laptop has sheep sounds, and soon he turns out the lights and they look at the stars (see picture above).  Then in another corner, the angel shows up!  It's really a Christmas tree angel that lights up. The effect is really cool.  The kids get really excited about that.  Then at the end, he takes them on the journey to Bethlehem, which is really our nursery to see the newborn (which is really our Associate Minister's baby.  My dad gets all the easy lessons!

The next lesson is Stand Up for the Truth and Tell about Jesus.  The story was one I wasn't very familiar with, so this is good.  Paul is stirring up trouble and this group of men wants to kill him.  In fact, over 40 of them make an oath to not eat or drink until Paul is dead.  His nephew finds out about the conspiracy and tells Paul and the Commander of the Roman army and they save Paul.  I use this to tell the kids that even though they are young, they still matter.  They are still important.  The verse that we are using is 1 Timothy 4:12.
Here is the room I am using.

Here are some other pictures of kids having fun...
That's Son with his mouth open!  They are doing some kind of craft.


  1. We almost did the Hero's for our VBS! Then one of our youth picked the ReNew theme.

  2. I loved VBS as a child. My friends church is doing the Heros theme to!

  3. FUN!! I'm the director of our VBS and it starts on Monday. We are doing "High Seas Expedition" and maybe I'll get a post done about it sometime:)


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