Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy, Happy and not so happy....but mostly happy!


Happy, happy!  It's Hump Day, the last day of June, our last choir practice until September...lots to celebrate.

The kids had their first marching band practice.  They were in the back parking lot of the school in sections marching away when I got there.  The most exciting news they had was that they are doing music from Journey!  Last year Chicago, this year Journey!  Of course I am assuming that some of this is due to the GLEE excitement, but that just adds to it!  The kids are excited.

I asked Son how he liked his first band practice.  He said it was good.  I asked him if it was better than he expected and he shook his head yes vigorously. 

Last night, I was home putting dishes away and aggravated a rib that keeps displacing itself.  Luckily, I go to the chirpractor this evening to get it checked, again.  He will have to put it back in place, again.  OUCH!  I pretty much scream the whole time I am on the table until he gets the thing that looks like a sander or car waxer.  It massages my whole back.  I gotta get me one of those. 

I don't have much more to say, so have a great one.  I'll update you on the garden tomorrow. 

Oh, yeah!  If I get 100 follower today, there will be a give away this weekend!  So let's cross our fingers!


  1. Oh no! Hope your chiropractor visit goes better than the last one... I'll stop and pray for you now! Hope your garden is going well, too! ♥ Michelle

    Happy iFellowship Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following. I was a total band nerd in high school and college. I'm so jealous of the journey show. We did boston one year but I was dying to do journey. Good luck at the Chiro today!

  3. Just stopping by from iFellowship! Great site. And congrats on 100 followers!

  4. love this time of the week. hope your chiro. visit helps.

  5. I love watching Glee... Yeah congrats man on 100 Followers, really great. I wish you even more success as the time passes.


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