Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update June 11 -13/When it rain, it pours!

Welcome to another week!  And it's Monday, so let's here it for Monday!  *chirp, chirp*

And this Monday has been eventful and it's barely 8:30.  This is a crazy week.  It is VBS week at church.  So I will leave my house at 6:50 AM (most mornings) and not get home until 9 PM each night.  So this AM, I pack a back of shorts, flip flops and my VBS shirt, a lunch, and what I am sending out Brittany (I hope she likes it).  I take all that to the Edge and I realize that last night, Daughter and BFF said something about doing something with my car keys.  So I run back in the house looking for them.  No luck in finding them. 

No, I didn't wake up Daughter, but she will find them today.  I just stole my hubby's key and took off.  Five minutes late.  Okay, that's not so bad, right?  Well, I drive the 4 miles to the highway, and as I approach, the radio says there is an accident right at my exit/entrance.  I see that no one is moving and that we it is backing off, so I drive around my city to my alternative route (which usually takes me an extra 10 minutes).  I drove like a bat out of you know what, but I made it to work within five minutes.  I called before, so no one was upset or surprised.

I work on the Third Floor of a seven story building.  I walk into the entrance and this man is standing at the elevelators pushing the buttons.  One elevator door is opening and the lights on the buttons are just blinking.  I realize that the elevators are down too.  I see the Building Maintenance Man, Ja-Mall and he tells me they are down.  So I climb the two flights of steps.  I can handle that. 

I walk into my office and the Office Manager (OM) tells me that there have been power outages here all weekend and there is no air conditioning.    GREAT!  Just the perfect morning.  But to be honest, when something like this happens, I don't get up set.  I let everyone else get mad, I listen to them and then I sympathize.  Luckily I am the receptionist so I sit alone.  I am not back in the office where 60 other people are.  They all keep coming up here telling me how much cooler it is here than back there.  So, I sit here at my desk with my large Raspberry Lemonade and try to stay cooler.  It's going to be very humid and nasty today, but at least I'm not on the seventh floor!

This was an eventful weekend.  Friday was quiet.  We went out to eat to celebrate that Son is now a member of the Monroe Fighting Hornets Drum line.  He is playing cymbals.  We are very proud and happy for him.  So I have two kids in marching band and am happy about that.

Saturday we went to the 

For lunch we had this...

It rained a lot, so we  looked around a little, Son got this tat.  Don't worry

it'll come off in a week.  I thought it was kinda cool though.
 Daughter got two woven bracelets for her and BFF in the school colors. I have a picture, but it won't download right.  Must be the heat or electric.

Saturday afternoon we went shopping for Daughter.  She needs a few things before church camp.  We first went down to eat Gold Star Chili and support Miss Varsity Cheerleader in her new job.  Then we went looking.  She didn't see too much she was interested in.  Oh well.  Foxy got some new Under Armor.  He works in a plant and they are really good to keep him cool.

Sunday was set up day for VBS.  We got what we needed at the store, then went and set up a lot.  I can't get my phone to send pics to my email at the moment, so I will be looking at that.  But hopefully I can do some pictures this week of our fun VBS.  

Now, I am excited because I think the air conditioning came back on!  Have a great Monday.


  1. I wanna go to a Banana Split Festival. How fun!

    I'm now following your blog :)

  2. Banana Split Festival...tell me more! Yummy!!!! Have a wonderful week:)

  3. I wish I could have a banana split every day for lunch. I totally would if I could get away with it.

    And by getting away with it, I mean not expanding to the size of a orca whale.

  4. banana split, what's that/ haven't had one in years. have a good day. rose


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