Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flags and Gardens

Happy Flag Day!  I'm sad I forgot until after I got dressed.  I wanted to wear red, white and blue and my flag earrings, but didn't.  Oh well, I'll try and be patriotic other ways today.

Big news in the Foxy household is that our garden is growing!  Yeah baby!  I am happy to report that everything put in the ground is coming up, plus some added bonus plants.  So without further adieu, here are some pictures for you to enjoy and envy over (not really).

This is the watermelon on the side of the house.  There is actually more there than we knew about, so hopefully we can have yummy melon for a while.

Right in the middle of this pic looks like weeds, but actually 3 little volunteer tomato plants are growing, right next to the back porch.  We had some cherry tomatoes on the porch last year, so this must be from that.  Happy, happy!

This is the cayenne that is growing well.  You can see our house and a neighbor's house from this view.

I think this is the sugar snap peas.  Yummy!

This is my most exciting pic.  Zucchini!  You can even see seeds on top of the green leafs.  I think there are at least two plants growing there.

This is the radishes.  Foxy wanted more than we got last year, so there are two small rows.

 I didn't take any of the other pepper plants (there is one with a bloom), and the tomatos.  All are doing well!
So I showed you mine, you need to post pictures of yours.  I'll go look if you leave me a message!  Have a great day!

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