Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday!

It's my first half workday of the summer!  I get out at noon today!  How fun.  Son and I are getting our hair cut, Foxy is changing the oil in Daughter's car, and I have grocery shopping to do.  Daughter has tryouts tonight for Auxillary and for captain tonight.  That is exciting!  Cross your fingers.

Daughter is also house/dog setting for some friends.  Last night Son stayed with her.  Apparently, Benny the dog kept them up barking a lot.  They came home bleary-eyed at 7:00 and Daughter went back to sleep.  Interesting.  Tonight she is suppose to have a friend over to stay with her.  She may not do this again.  The girl likes her sleep.

Tomorrow, we have a wedding.  That will be nice.  Nothing major for us to do, except celebrate with the new couple.  Son is suppose to wear the bow tie I got him.  We will see if he actually does.  We need to practice tying it.  Other than that, Sunday will be our day to celebrate with my dad and Foxy (he has to work next Sunday).  Have a great weekend!

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