Wednesday, June 29, 2011

VBS - Day 2 & Foxy's Garden

I have the smallest room in the church to teach in (which is find for me), but last night one of my two classes had 19 kids in it.  We were pretty crammed in that room.  But they were good kids.  You can see them having snack time in the picture.

The other group I had was 7 beautiful young ladies.  They did a great job of acting out the story.  We had so much fun.

At the end of the night we have a praise time.  Here are a few pictures from that time.

The teen boys (with Daughter) were up there doing the theme song.  They all were doing the motions, singing (sort of), and everyone had a great time! 

Now...Foxy's Garden

The beans are starting to run!

Yay for my peas!

This is one of the cucumber plants.  As you can see, Foxy got in there with a small tiller and helped with the weeds.

 More tomorrow!

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