Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Well, how was your weekend?  Mine was busy, but great!

Daughter had Drill Team tryouts on Friday.  She did make the team (this is year #3 for her).  There were also 4 girls that tried out for captain.  They went through an interview process, but because there is not an advisor for the Drill Team yet, no decision has been made.  That's frustrating, especially for the girls.

Foxy, Son and I went grocery shopping.  While we were there, it poured buckets!  When we all got home from our days, we decided to celebrate daughter's achievement, then went to see a movie.  We saw The Hangover 2.  I wanted to take the kids, because it is rated R.  Should have been rated R-17.  I saw the first one and it was pretty funny.  This one, was just way more over the top.  Funny in places, but not all nearly as funny as the first one.  But we saw it.  I really want to see Pirates, but Daughter had seen it, so we saw this.  The bonus was that it was only $5 per person, so that was a good bargain.

Saturday, Daughter and I got up, went and let the dog out at the house she watched and then ran errands.  We took back Old Navy FlipFlops that she had purchased at the $1 sale for cuter, more colorful ones.  Then we went to Michael's because I wanted a pair of scissors just for my couponing habit.  We ended up getting scrapbooking supplies (I had a 25% coupon) and getting another 40% coupon. Then we went to Chik-Fil-A and ate for free.  We each had waffle fry and chicken sandwich free coupons, and we had drinks we brought from home.  Then we went home, got ready and went to our friend's wedding.  I have pictures, but they are not up yet, but they will be soon. We wish the new Mr. & Mrs. Parks all the best!

Sunday, we got up, went to church and then went out to eat with my parents to celebrate Father's Day.  Foxy has to work next Sunday, so we thought this would be easier.  We then went home and Foxy and Son put up fencing around the garden (which has some exciting new shoots!) and Daughter and I cleaned a few areas in the house.  I also got most of the laundry done.  Then Daughter and I dropped Son and his friend off at Kings Island and found out where she will be going to babysit.  Today she will be watching a 8 year old and a 6 year old for several hours.  I think they are going to the pool at the YMCA.  I'm excited she has a job!  How exciting for her.  Then we came home, and Foxy grilled chicken, onions and yellow/orange peppers and I made pasta salad.  Nice meal.  Then I settled down (after dishes), cut coupons and watched the Season Finale of Army Wives, and the premier of The Protector. 

This has been the most heart-wrenching season of Army Wives.  I have never cried so much!  I loved every minute of it and can't wait until Winter 2012 (whatever that means) for it to be back on.

The Protector stars Ally Walker (who was on a previous show that my husband and I loved The Profiler)This was different, but she did play a cop.  I loved how fun she is with her children, and how she just kind of doesn't let others bother her.  I will watch it again.
Well, this is already longer than normal.  How did your weekend go?

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