Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday Muses

Did anyone else watch So You Think You Can Dance last night?  WOW!  My favorite dances were Melanie and Marko, they were covered in a white powder, looking like stone statutes.  The dance was choreographed by Travis Wall.  It was amazing!  I totally loved it!  Then there was the Broadway number with Jess and this is sad...I don't remember who he was paired with.  That is how good he was, I think.  And of course, Tyce Diorio was their choreographer.  Anyway, those were my two favorite numbers. 

My dog, Josie Belle, thinks I am starving her.  I had been putting out dry dog food every day and she would eat when she wanted.  Well, I am out of that and have been feeding her cans of Pedigree that I got for $.054 a piece.  I feed her early, and then around supper, plus she is licking pans, plates, whatever she can find, clean.  But last night, I let her in and she laid on the couch as I watched Hot In Cleveland.  When I got up to go to bed, she went to the kitchen.  I tried to get her to go to the bedroom, but she would not have it.  She just kept running around the house.  I eventually realized that she wanted more food.  So I fed her.  But she had to sleep outside last night because the last time I fed her that late, she ended up puking on my bed because she ate too fast.

Son had a basketball game last night.  It's a high school league, but I was under the impression that he would play other teams that were junior varsity, like him.  Last night, most of those boys had muscles bigger than his body!  LOL.  See what I mean?
Son is in white, facing the camera.  The boy is black is actually a junior, who was good natured, but we played pretty good against them.  At one point we were down 21 points, but only lost by 12 in the end.  We have a boy that is very short, compared to Son, (like barely comes to his armpit).  The other team was kinda laughing at him, trying to figure out how to defend.  Shorty got 6 points off them.  That'll show 'em!

I consider today Friday because tomorrow I only work four hours.  That's what we do every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  That makes me happy!

Have a great day!

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  1. Didn't catch So You Think You Can Dance, but I think I'd like it.
    Our dog gets a scoop of dry food in the morning, but he really doesn't eat it right away.
    Enjoy your short day tomorrow!


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