Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Foxy Garden

Well, we have the garden officially planted.  I am excited.  We actually have beans sprouting!  We have a cayenne pepper growing.  But it is so hot (like 95+ degrees).  Yucky!  So lots of watering went on last night.  Even Josie Belle got sprayed last night.

Last night, Daughter and Son had a few friends over and they enjoyed smores, the fire and took lots of pictures.  I don't have any of their pictures, though.  Just the garden.

These are the green peppers, cayenne pepper and zucchini seeds we planted last night.

These are our pole beans.  We didn't have many so this will all be dried for seeds for next year.

I can't decide if this is peas coming up or weeds.

Here is some of our tomatos.  See how dry the soil is?

It's that a cute view?  Nice little tomato.

So this weekend we will be putting a fence around it.  There are too many rabbits to worry about.  How are your gardens doing?

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