Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, this weekend was very interesting for us Foxys.  Friday night, I was so sick with a cold/sinus or something that I stayed home and did nothing.  I didn't even get to my coupon class.  I sat on the couch, napped and did a bunch of nothing.

Saturday I felt a bit better.  Daughter wanted to go shopping because we have a wedding this weekend.  And we wanted to get Son a bow tie for the wedding.  So we went to a few stores that we thought were having deals on cute dresses.  She didn't like the ugly sun dresses for $12.  So we walked down another wing of the mall and she spotted the store we bought her homecoming dress at.  So we went in there to look.  We came out of there with a) a dress for the wedding ($10 off), a dress for next year's homecoming for $7.50, and a prom dress for next season that was originally $119, and we paid $34.99 for it!  What an amazing shopper she is.  We paid full price for the bow tie (that was something), but to get out of a mall with three beautiful dress for under $78.00 made me proud!  She was so excited.  She said, "No I don't have to deal with the drama of finding a dress, I can look for shoes, accessories, and tell all my friends!"  I think she is going shopping Friday with a friend to see if there are any more great deals.  She won't let me post pictures because she wants them to be surprised.  I will post the dress for the wedding there next week, though.

I also purchased some green pepper, cayenne pepper, banana pepper plants, as well as zucchini seeds.  So we will get them in the ground this week and planting will be over.  I just need to keep weeding and nurturing.

I did do some extreme couponing this weekend.  Have you seen this show on TLC?  It's of people spending hundreds to thousands of dollars and barely paying anything. I am inspired.  I have a binder I am filling full of coupons, looking at lots of sales and starting a price book soon.  I bought 2 papers and am asking for people to send me their unused coupons.  If any of you would do this, all the outdated coupons we send to military families (they can use them for a longer period of time).  Anyway, I was at our local grocery store and knowing Josie Belle needed some dog food, I started looking for a few good deals.  I found cans of dog food for $.72 each.  I had a coupon for buy 3 get 1 free, so I bought four because I wasn't sure she would like it.  Yesterday at lunch, I fed her a can, and she woofed it down!  (Sorry for the pun.)  So I had five more coupons, so I went and purchased 20 cans of dog food, getting five of them for free.  I essentially paid $.54 a can.  Not too shabby.  

Sunday, I did laundry, dishes, and cut out coupons besides going to church.  But, all in all, not a bad weekend.  How was yours?

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