Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daily Enjoyment

Thursday is Joy Day!  What makes you joyful?  I have been in a bit of a mood this week.  I am not sure why, though.  Nothing major has gone on this week.  My husband has worked 12 hours shifts on Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, plus 9 hours on Tuesday.  He is taking the weekend off, so that will be okay.  I haven't a lot going on this weekend, so that is a plus, too.

Saturday:  I enjoyed SNL on Saturday night.  Betty White was spectacular!

Sunday:  I enjoyed spending Mother's Day with my Mom at a high school musical.

Monday:  I enjoyed spending more time with my mom, dad, Fox, Daughter and Son at our new favorite place, Noodles & Co..  When we got home, Daughter found her bedroom light and fan would not work.  So Foxy checked it out and determined that the switch was bad.  So we called my Dad and he and Mom came over and the men fixed the switch (with Daughter helping) and we had Cheesecake for dessert, as we watched Dancing With the Stars.

Tuesday:  I enjoyed  going for a ride with Daughter, BFF, and Foxy in the Saturn.  We got a good drive in.

Wednesday:  I enjoyed choir practice last night.  We are mainly working on our Patriotic songs for July 4th, our Red, White, & Blue Sunday.  It's a lot of fun to sing all the songs in this book.

Plus, everyday I am enjoying reading comments and new Blogs to read.  I hope you all keep it up!  What are you enjoying this week?

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  1. today I am enjoying a short but sweet break from my everyday routine:)

    AND a game at Fenway with Frick and Frack...;)


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