Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update - May 8 & 9

Hi, how was your weekend?  Did you spend time with your Mother?  Did your children spend time with you?  I hope so! Foxy worked all weekend.

Friday night, Son had a friend spend the night.We went and got pizza.  I order two  pizzas for us and we ended up bringing most of it home  It was okay, because I didn't cook all weekend and it was good for leftovers for Foxy to take to work.  We came home and then went for ice cream. 

 While at the hospital, we saw this.  Did you know that Cincinnati is known for the Flying Pig Marathon.  There are lots of winged pigs all around the city.

Saturday, Daughter and I went and got donuts for everyone.  Our neighbor passed her driving test, so she and Daughter went for a drive.  I took the boys to the grocery store, then Big T went home.  BFF came over and we went driving.  We took the new Saturn over to my parents house so Mom could see the vehicle and then we decided to drive down to Cincinnati to visit our Associate Minister, his wife, and their newborn at one of the many hospitals in the region.  That baby is beautiful, I tell you.  We then drove back to the house, picked up Foxy and went out to celebrate Mother's Day.  We went to Red Robins for their tremendous hamburgers.  We also got appetizers.  Their hamburgers are to die for.  I got a Bonzai Burger.  Grilled pineapple, teryaki sauce, pepperjack cheese.  Ahhhhh!

Then we went home and I stayed up and watched Betty White on Saturday Night Live.  OMGosh!  Wasn't that one of the funniest SNL's this year?  Betty White is hysterical.  It was so much fun to watch.  I think Chloris Leachman should also be on.  Having all the ladies from the past back on was so much fun.  I think they should do an all-women SNL some day, with just a few men scattered throughout.  That would be interesting to watch.

Yesterday, me, Daughter, Son and BFF went to church.  After church we took Son to my parents house, picked up my mother and the rest of us went to a high school production of Annie Get Your Gun.  What a wonderful performance it was.  The girl who played Annie was really good at it.  We then went took everyone home, and went home.  I started laundry, cleaned part of the dining room, and sat and watched Desperate Housewives.  I tried to watch Army Wives, but I fell asleep.  Thank goodness for DVRs.  I will watch Army Wives soon.

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  1. I love the flying pigs! Sounds like you had a busy weekend! And I love "Annie Get Your Gun".


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