Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Update - May 14 - 16

What a crazy, busy weekend we had.  I have lots of pictures for you.

Let me just say...Go Reds!  My Cincinnati Reds took over first play in their division, beating the Cardinals! 

Friday:  After work, Son had another friend spend the night.  Daughter and  BFF went with me to search of new chairs to use out by the fire.  I wanted good chairs that would not break quickly.  I bought two that were very expensive, but wonderful.

I totally love these chairs!  We also found these at Lowe's....  That's Daughter sitting in one around our beautiful campfire.

Here's a better picture of the fire.    We roasted marshmallows, had s'mores, and enjoyed music and the trampoline and the warm air.  Then Daughter and BFF got bored, so we ran to the store where Daughter put this on...

Cute, huh?

Saturday:  Foxy, Daughter and I went to see the SWBL League Track Meet!  A lot of friends were there and it was hot!  I now officially look like a lobster and Rudolph, but you will not see a picture of that.  I usually burn once and then it turns tan.  This one covers both arms, and half my thighs and shins.  I am really hot and sore, but I deserve it.  I didn't realize it would get that hot, that quickly in the morning.

In the afternoon, we went to the grocery and in the evening, Foxy grilled steaks, I made pasta salad, and we watched Sweet Home Alabama.  Favorite scene in the movie:  When Billy Ray takes the bride and groom off the cake and puts on the Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots!  I giggle at that.

Sunday:  We went to church, then out to eat with friends.  Our friends want us to help cater their daughter's Graduation party on Memorial Day Weekend.  Foxy makes killer pulled pork sandwiches.  We are also supplying beans, hot dogs, chips, dip and potato salad.

Then Daughter, BFF, and I went and got me a new outfit.  When I put it on, I will let you see that.  I am excited about wearing it.  We also are looking for black flats for Daughter.  She informs me yesterday that she needs a pair for the band concert Thursday evening and also for Graduation because the concert band is playing then too.  If it isn't one thing it is another I am shelling dough out for!
Well, it is Monday and all is well.  It is very rainy and grey outside, but I am just happy to be here.  Stiff, sore muscles and all.

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  1. Sounds like an eventful weekend...have a wonderful week:)


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