Thursday, May 27, 2010

To Do List - First Update

Updated 05/28/10

1.Keep to-do list updated.
2.  Go to baby shower.
3.  Watch the last episode of 24.
4.  Get food for friend's graduation party.
5.  Get charcoal for smokers.
6.  Buy new blender.
7.  Try and find time for Son to take lessons this summer.
8.  Go see Sex and the City 2 on opening night.
9.  Attend Memorial Day Service
10.  Go to Marching Band meeting.
11.  Help kids celebrate the end of the school year.
12.  Go to Foxy's boss' wedding.
13.  Prepare for VBS.
14.  Clean out hall closet
15.  Find Daughter a one-piece bathing suit for church camp.
16. Go to two Graduation parties on the same day as said wedding.
17.  Plant garden
18.  Start planning Daughter's Sweet 16.
19.  Get Father's Day gift.
20.  Shop for camp supplies for kids.
21.Lose 10 pounds
22.  Buy supplies for Fourth of July celebration
23. Pay for band camp
24. Read 10 blogs a day - and leave comments.
25.  Spend individual time with each child
26.  Send care package to Daughter in Navy
27. Clean off desk
28.  Plan weekend get-away for family
29.  Set up treadmill and actually walk on it four times a week.
30.  Clean out bedroom.
31.  Walk up the stairs to work at least twice a day.

So not bad for first seven days.  I'll accomplish more this weekend.  But for now, I will go read ten blogs and comment.  Have a great day!

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