Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Update May 21 - 23rd

Hi.  How was your weekend?  Good, good.  So was mine.

Friday:  It poured most of the evening.  Son had a friend spend the night.  I ran everyone to Taco Bell and then Daughter, BFF and I went to Babies R Us.  We needed a shower gift for the next day, so we shopped and shopped.  Daughter had never been there before and wanted to buy all the cute little outfits for her own, non-existing child.  We got the cutest little outfits, onesies, and crib sheets for our newest addition to the church family!

Then we ran to Wal-Mart and I got a new Blender.  My other one was leaking and it is hard to make milkshakes without it.

Saturday:  It was sun-shiny and warmer.  Son, Daughter and I ran some errands and then went to Costco.  The kids go there just for all the free samples.  We really liked the Grape-Blueberry juice.  Yummy!  I bought that stuff.

I need to get me a glass of it today before Son drinks all of it!    

Daughter and I attended the shower.  Lots of yummy food and gifts galore.  The women of our church put on a nice shower.  They also passed the baby around a lot.  It was fun.

After the shower, we picked up BFF and found out that another friend of Son's (who he only sees three times a year or so), wanted to come down and spend the night.  So we met them half way and picked him up.  It is a nice drive.   We then went and got Little Cesear's Pizza.  A large is only $5.  So we feasted on pizza.

The rest of the night was pretty laid back.  I made meatloaf, and actually made three of them.  I then popped them into the freezer for the next night.  That is a nice meal for a change.  It takes them about an hour or more to cook from frozen, but we like it like that.

I also watched August Rush.  What a wonderful movie.  Robin Williams was spectacular in it.

Sunday:  Me and the kids got up and went to church.  It was a good service.  Then we came home ate, took, Son's friend home, and watched Valentine's Day.  I loved that movie!  I wanted to see it in the theater, but didn't get to.  I need to watch it again.  There was so much going on in it, that just want to see it all again.

I cooked the meatloaf and made mashed potatoes for supper.  Yummy!  Then I sat like a bump on a log all evening.  I do feel guilty about that.  I am very tired and today, I just don't feel well.  I am sure, this too will pass, but for now I will just suffer through.

On the agenda for this week:
1.  Daughter has Auxillary Clinics Monday through Thursday with tryouts on Friday.
2.  Friday Night:  Going to see Sex and the City 2!  Who-hoo, I am excited about this!
3.  Daughter has to go to Graduation to play with the band on Saturday.
4.  Foxy is smoking meat on Saturday for a graduation party Sunday afternoon.

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