Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to all the new readers I have!  I hope you enjoy yourself while here.

I would make this a wordless Wednesday thing, but I think this may need some explaining.  So this is my Wacky Wednesday blog.  My family is wacky, so I like to write about them.

My daughter, is ending her freshman year.  When she was in fifth grade, she chose to play percussion, specifically the bells (aka the xylophone).  The class was standing in the hallway, waiting for the band teacher to come get them, so the SRO, Officer K, was standing with the kids, trying to guess what they played by the shape of their cases.  When he got to Daughter, she apparently had nothing in her hand.  He asked her what she played and she made motions like she was drumming.  He asked if she played the snare drum.  She shook her head.  Someone said she played the bells.  He was like, "Oh, the dingy thing."  The band teacher came up and said, "Yeah, that's our Dingy."  And a nickname was born. 

Now, Daughter loves her nickname.  Her BFF calls her Dingy most of the time.  Her friends call her Dingy.  She takes care of the guys in percussion during concert band.  She wants to have her license plate say this.  But for now, a friend gave her this to put on her car window.  She is so proud of it.  That's my girl!


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