Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gleefully Wacky Wednesday

I think today I will tell on me.  Most every year, I get a little sunburn, it turns to a tan and I am set for the summer. 

I was at a track meet Saturday morning and it got warm very quickly.  I sat in the stands for around four hours, realizing it was hot, but not thinking about myself.  The rest of the family gets tan, and then tanner, and then they are very dark.  I have the fair skin of the bunch and mine turns into a lot of freckles as you can see.

This is after four days.  I am still really reddish-pink and very sore.  My shins are the same way.  If I brush up against something, I flinch, suck in air, and freeze for a few seconds because the pain is intense.  I could just be sitting and the nerve endings start tingling and I cringe in pain.  Every time I do, the kids look at me and ask "What?"  I have to tell them that it's okay, just something I have to live with because I was stupid. 

My shoulders, forearms and shins are the worst.  I had one lady come up and ask me if hurt and proceeded to poke me.  Uh, if I hadn't been on the phone with a customer, I would have probably screamed at her.  I slept on the couch the first night, and have not slept  a lot the past few nights.  I am very surprised that blisters have not formed.  Everyone asks me that.  So take advice from me.  Keep sunscreen in your car, in your purse, where ever you are.  Then you won't end up like me.  Stiff, pink and in pain.

On another note...Did you like GLEE last night?  I loved Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrisey singing Dream On.  NPH is a favorite in our household.  Him singing is always a bonus.  What part of GLEE did you like last night?

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