Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Is Your Garden and other things going on....

First off, coming next week I will have my first giveaway!  You all made it to 100 followers, so we are going to celebrate!  I will give more of that info next week.  Congrats!

Second, I have two sprained ribs that are killing me.  I think that is mostly because the chiropractor seem to poke and push and made my whole back sore.  I am sure I'll be fine, but today it is very sore.  I go back on Monday to see him.  Oh joy.

Third, here are some awesome pictures of the garden.  I have a friend whom I buy corn off of every summer and it's in a month early this year.  We played phone tag a bit, and then I called him last night. When he got on the phone he sounded, exasperated.  I asked him if this was a bad time.  He said, "No, I'm just trying to catch a donkey."

Huh?  Well, apparently he has a donkey on his farm and he ties it up every night.  Last night the donkey didn't want to be tied up, but wanted the feed behind Farmer Mike.  I was quite amused.  Anyways, I will be getting 25 dozen ears of corn on Friday for my Mom, kids and me to shuck.  Then Saturday AM, we will start blanching it, cutting most of it off the cobb and freezing it.  It is a hybrid mixture of the best corn ever!  Yummy.  So I have a lot of work for the weekend.  But it is so worth it in January to have that corn in Corn Chowder or veggie soup!

My watermelon is starting to bloom!  

The radishes are doing terrific.  I wonder when they are going to be ready?
The white looking things are actually my snap peas.  The camera flash made them look a lot lighter than they are.  But they are doing okay.  I think we need to water tonight.
See under the middle yellow bloom?  There are two little stalks?  Those are cucumbers. 
You can see the zucchini growing on the left site.  Objects in the picture are bigger than they appear.
Our beans are vining.  I can't wait to have green beans, potatoes and ham for supper!

These are the tomatoes.  We got them all staked this weekend. 
This is my cabbage plant.  I love cabbage in soups and Hopefully I can make cabbage rolls!

So how is your garden?  Let me know!


  1. nice garden pics! I just posted my garden update yesterday...I pick a couple of japanese eggplants, lots of cukes, tons of tomatos, and a bunch of other stuff. I am in the south though and it is the heat of summer here. By august, everything will be dead and we will plant fall stuff at the end of august for harvest in october. I lost all my squash plants to the squash vine borer...2nd year in a row. Going organic is hard and I need to find a way to get rid of this $^$&^ pest!


  2. Want to come plant me a garden? The fiance and I were going to but with planning our wedding and remodeling our newly acquired house, that wasn't an option this year. I think I'll be jealous of your veggies come winter!

  3. And, congrats on 100 followers!

  4. Your garden is looking great. Your freezer corn sounds a lot like the way I do it. That makes the best corn! I just planted beans, so I won't be having fresh green beans for quite some time.


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