Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Follow - WTFootball Marching Band edition

What the Friday!  No, What the football!

I am so glad it is Friday! I have such a crazy, busy weekend planned.
Tonight, is football.  The Monroe Hornets are away.  We are going up to a college town and play against the high school up there.  

Then tomorrow morning, the band goes back to school early (7:30 am early), and goes back up to Miami University to play in the college's Miami Band Day.  A whole lot of high schools get to come and play during half time with the University band.  It's a lot of fun.  Foxy is helping out with the trailer full of instruments and I have been asked to go as a chaperone on one of the buses.  I will be helping with the kids, the pizza lunch, etc.  It's going to be a good 13-hour day.  I think there will be lots of picture taking opportunities!

Here are a couple of pictures to get us started...

The drill team gets their own sweats and a t-shirt. It has their name and year they graduate.
This is taken by Lifetouch.  These are my band kids!

Sunday, is the Bengal's first game against the Patriots!  I am a true-blue Bengals fan.  So go Palmer, Ocho, Owens, Benson, and the whole Bengals Nation!  I am making chili spaghetti for lunch because I didn't get to make it this week.

What are your plans and favorite teams?


  1. So, you're a band mom, too! I'm a band mom. Well, I used to be a band mom. My oldest girl was a dancerette. I think it's the same thing as your girl. My daughter did the flags and swords, but they were also a dance team and she is a classically trained ballerina, so she was their dancing girl every year. She was dubbed, "Tiny Dancer" her first year and the nickname stayed throughout all her high school years with the band. She's now in college, but man, I miss those times with the band. Even when it was an all day competition, it was always so much fun. Great parents and great kids.

    My middle girl is in high school, but of course, she wants nothing to do with following in her sister's footsteps, no matter how hard I tried to convince her. She's in drama and student government, which isn't half as fun. If you want to volunteer in student government, you get to chaperone all the dances. Kids don't like you as much when you have to break up a make out session.

    I'm sure by now you're regretting your comment on my blog. I tend to wax on in my comments. Sorry. Good luck with the chaperoning.

  2. You are surely busy! That is a great photo of both of them together!!!!

  3. Have a wonderful time on the band trip! Sounds like a fun, busy, and exhausting day!


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