Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update - What a Weekend!

Well, that was a crazy, busy weekend!  It was fun, but I am exhausted.

Friday we traveled up 40+ minutes to the football game, where our Monroe Hornets won!  Here are some pictures.
Miss Varsity is part of this.  The cheerleaders spell out MONROE with their pom-poms and then say "We're #1", while make the number one.  It's my favorite cheer.
These are some of the seniors of the football team.  We won, so it was worth the drive.
The next day we traveled up to basically the same place.  Miami University of Ohio is a beautiful campus with lots of old trees and brick buildings.  We were mostly contained to the football field area, but the band had a great time, even with the rain.  YES!  There at Miami, we got a lot of rain.  I asked my parents who were 20 miles SW of there and they said we got no rain.  At least not enough to do anything but wet the road.
Here are some pictures of Saturday.
This is the home side line.  It is a beautiful field.
The band sat at the very tippy-top.  It's a long walk up there.  Another band sat in front of us.  There were about 25 rows of empties and the Miami U band were down in front.  Why did we sit up that high?    

This may be my favorite picture.  Miami's bell and colors came out well.

Sunday, we went to church, ran our errands and Daughter went with her boyfriend shopping.  Son and I watch a little tv, laundry and relaxed. 

As for football, here's my run down:
Monroe beat Talawanda
Miami beat Eastern Michigan University
University of Cincinnati beat Indiana State
Ohio State beat Miami Hurricanes
Cincinnati Bengals lost to New England
and Cleveland lost to Tampa Bay

All in all, not a bad weekend!


  1. I am tired just looking at the pics! I hope you are resting after all of that fun!!

  2. Nice photos. I was visiting my son over the weekend, and it was football 24-7. I only cared about OSU beating Miami. O-H-I-O

  3. Glad you had such a fun weekend... To answer your question, yes I liked it. If the main characters had been anyone else so, I probably wouldn't have. HA


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