Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend Update - Labor Day in Pictures

I will try and make this as very quick.  It is Labor Day and all.  I have tons of pictures, so I'll just go there.

Friday night, the high school honored a fallen soldier that graduated from there.  Taps was played, a 21-gun salute was shot, and a moment of silence happened.  It was very moving for me.

The football team lost in a hard fought game, but the band did great!  Son got to play this time!  (He's in the center on the xylophone.)

Saturday wasn't too bad.  We went to the JV game, a tougher loss.  Our neighbor (the one with the snake) played.
Monroe vs. Ross

Then we invited people over for a fire.  It was a very chilly night, but you wouldn't know it by my feet.
This is Gpa and Son talking about their phones.  They argue like an old married couple.
Son's friend Jonah.  He is smart and laughs a lot.

We got up Sunday morning, started to church and one of our neighbors had this to look forward too!  She's on the soccer team, and the Seniors got her!  So funny.

Church was wonderful.  We have paid off our mortgage in just 13 years and we burnt the mortgage.  It was a little long, but it was really nice.
 I love this picture.  All the windows in the main sanctuary are like crosses.

Today we are going shopping.  I'm sure that will bring on more ideas.
What are your plans today?


  1. Not much going on. We generally lead a pretty layed back ol' retired folks life. The weekend, though, was busy with grandbabies and church. I love those windows in the sanctuary. My church is just 5 years old this month and we're still meeting in a temporary location, waiting for God to show us where he wants us to be. I love seeing photos. Thanks. Whatcha going to shop for?
    Have a great Monday.

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!! It must've sucked cleaning up all that toilet paper. Too funny!

  3. That moment of silence sounds moving.

    I just hung out with a friend most of the day.


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