Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Update - Boring...

Well this weekend was actually kind of boring for us.  It was nice to just not do much, but I did do a lot.

Friday was the football game.  It was the other team's homecoming, so our band only got to help perform pre-game (a.k.a. the Star Spangled Banner).

The only drum member without a hat is Son.  He usually plays in the pit and looking up and down is hard and the hat will not stay on.

Daughter is the one looking at the camera.  They are all beautiful!

Saturday, we cleaned a bit and then Daughter, Son, and I went shopping.  Daughter was looking for accessories for her dress.  She found a pretty necklace, and a hair clip that she will have the hair dresser put up.    Son got a new game, which I was going to wait and get him in a few weeks because of his surgery, but why wait? 

So then Daughter's BFF started drama and mad it a miserable evening for her.  So we decided it was an ice cream night, so we took everyone, including her BF, and got UDF.  I actually got a mocha cappaccino milkshake and I am disappointed to say it was terrible.  I love coffee ice cream, but i will never get that again.

Yesterday we had church, then a baby shower for a sweet friend.  But, we barely got it started and Son called me saying he was sick.  Daughter stayed and had fun with Gma, and I went home to stay with Son and do most of the laundry. 

Did anyone else see Desperate Housewives?  What did you think?  I thought parts of it were hysterical and Brian Austin Green?  So cute! 


  1. I cannot wait to see her dress!!!

  2. We have a weekend of doing nothing coming up and I am excited about it. I hate girl drama! My friend has a daughter and was just complaining about it the other day. Hope you have a great week!


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