Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I have such fun kids.  They are taking a hip hop/jazz class.  Both of them.  Well, until we find out what is going on with Son's knee, he is just sitting watching.  But last night they came home to show their dad what they are learning.  It's only the 2nd week of dance. Goodness!

She's attempting to do a handstand of sorts using her shoulder.

He's doing a headstand with help.

So Friday night after the band's performance, Daughter comes running up to us in the stands.  She told us that she had a wardrobe malfunction.  See she was wearing a strapless bra...and she is pretty well endowed.  So half way through the performance, her bra came down and she was flopping every which way.  Thank goodness that the uniforms are made like that!  Nothing showed, but her advisor said, "Your face told everything!"  LOL.  So Monday, we went out and bought a bra with clear straps that also can be used as a halter bra too.  How embarrasing for her!  But how amusing for the rest of us.  My parents were cracking up!

Son gets his MRI today, so hopefully soon we will know what is going on with that knee.

Today is the longest day for me.  I'll leave in a few minutes for work, come home at 5:30 and leave at 6 for church/choir practice.  I won't get home until after 9.  I lt's just a long day.  What is your Wednesday's like?


  1. I'm sure she is equally thrilled about you posting about it. ;) hehe
    Hope the son's MRI goes well!

  2. Why is it our daughters are facing these things earlier and earlier, I didn't even need a bra at that age, and even now if i was flopping out of it, no one would notice!

  3. oh no!! poor girl! lol at least she was a good sport about it! i hope everything went well with your son!

  4. Poor thing, she had to be miserable! Good idea getting clear straps for a bra now! Your kids are silly!


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