Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Update September 17 - 19

Good Monday to you!  Hope you had a great weekend.  We did.  Tiring, but good.

Friday was football!  Our Hornets beat the Wildcats.  The other team had a lot of things to do during halftime, so we didn't get to see our band until after the game. And we didn't know that, so Son didn't bring his xylophone.  It was a bummer. 

Saturday AM, we went to get our running around done; grocery, snacks for band, Foxy and Son had the girls soccer team wash the car, and then home to cook 24 lbs. of spaghetti for Sunday.

Daughter, BF and his mother went shopping for homecoming.  They found BF a nice outfit and started debating on shoes.  BF came up with the idea of them wearing Chuck Taylor's.  So he got a nice pair of low-cut, black Converse and they got her a silver pair.  Well, they will be comfy.

Then on to a band competition very close to here.   Foxy and I rode with the band trailer and helped with the instruments and watched the kids.  It was most of the kids first time at a competition and they did fabulous.  But, the highlight was the University of Dayton's marching band came down and did an exhibition for everyone.

UD's band.

Sunday, the youth put on a spaghetti dinner.  It was very successful!  Here are a few pictures.

So how was your weekend?

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  1. Your weekends make me happy to be an "empty-nester"! My weekend was nice and quiet!


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