Friday, September 24, 2010

What the Friday...

What the Friday is where I complain/post random thoughts.  Here we go.

1.  Did anyone like $*^% My Dad Says last night?  It really wasn't that funny.  What the Friday!

2.  My 16 yo daughter drew a whale that everyone associates with something else.  Son asked her if it was a Sperm whale.  What the Friday! 

3.  It's September 24, and we are still in the 90's.  Is Autumn coming anytime soon or are we going to just get a snowstorm and below zero temperatures around Thanksgiving?  What the Friday!

4.  Did anyone else think that Grey's was okay, but not as good as last spring's season finale?  What the Friday!

5.  I live in SW Ohio.  It is so dry in the states around us that fires are popping up in Kentucky and Indiana.  People if you didn't flick your cig butts out the window, this probably would not happen.  Just saying.  What the Friday!

6.  Our little paper put the same article in the paper, side by side, under two different headings.  Twice I started to read the same article.  How big a blunder was that?  The outcome of it was still the same though.  What the Friday?

This weekend isn't too bad.  Tonight is Friday Night Lights.  Tomorrow I take Daughter accessory shopping and shopping for a baby gift.  Sunday is a baby shower after church and Son is going to a birthday party.  Foxy works. 

What is your weekend and What the Friday going to be like?


  1. YES it is SO DRY in OH. And the tornados we've been having around Athens aren't quite cutting it as far as much-needed moisture! The thing is, the west is getting way too much rain! It's never right, is it?
    I'm totally cracking up at the goof in the paper! HAHA! I still subscribe to the newspaper from my hometown in WV, and it's total hilarity - clearly the editor doesn't do his/her job!

  2. I just adore random posts such as these! Ditto to Grey's and what in the world is up with our weather?!!! Amen to the cig butts...ewwww:x!

  3. Yeah, Grey's was just meh.

    I didn't watch that Dad show, I think something else was on.

  4. "What the Friday" is hilarious. I forgot to watch/record Sh*t My Dad Says, although it sounds like I didn't miss much.

    Thanks for the reminder!



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