Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Band Colors

It's Tuesday!  Including today, I only have 3 more days of work, then I am off for 10 days!  Whoo-hoo! 

Last night I did two things, go to the Band Booster Meeting and wash dishes at 10:30 pm.  That made for kind of a late night, but that's okay.  I slept until 4:30 or so this morning. 

We are gearing up for band camp, which is my favorite week in the summer.  The seniors pick shirt colors for each class to wear.  So this year, the Freshman have to wear Orange Barrel Orange.  The Juniors have to wear Iridescent.  Iridescent?  What the Heck?  Well, one of the seniors was nice and gave the Juniors iridescent puffy paint, or something.  They have to be creative with their shirts.  It is really fun.  Last year they put on a fashion show.
This is what I think iridescent is.  Pretty, huh?

Today we need to go find those color shirts.  Actually Foxy told Son he would borrow an orange vest from work, if he could.  Son said he'd wear it.  Tonight we are not doing much, so I will get out in the garden and snap pictures, pick some of the harvest and weed.

Have a great day!

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