Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Some of Our Favorite Summer Shows

Sorry.  I'll get pics of the garden tonight.  Yesterday it was just too hot to be outside, and with the sunburn I have It just intensifies the heat radiating off me.  It was a quiet evening in the Foxy house last night.  I got some laundry done, dishes done, and we sat and caught up on some shows.

Daughter likes some of the shows on ABC Family like Switched at Birth, Melissa and Joey and State of Georgia.  I enjoy those too.  Switched At Birth has one of my favorite actresses, Lea Thompson.  D.W. Moffett is also in it, as will as Constance Marie (formerly of The George Lopez Show).  The two teens switched at birth are really good, especially the hearing-impaired girl.  I have always been fascinated with American Sign Language, and that this show brings this to the fore-front of family dynamics, it's been really good. 

Also, my never-miss summer show, The Closer, was back on last night.  I love Kara Sedgewick and the cast of this show.  Glad it's back! 

So Son is over a few counties where they got some really bad storms.  I really hope he is safe.  I am thinking, no news is good news.  Praying that the heat will not get them today and they can all enjoy their time together.


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  1. I love The Closer. I heard this is it's last season:( I enjoy some of the shows on the premium channels like Weeds, Nurse Jackie and The Big C. I liked Men of a Certain Age and Hawthorne. Enjoy your summer.


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