Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend Update

What a terrific weekend!  It was HOT, but yesterday it cooled off enough that the parade went off and the fireworks were wonderful.

We had a fun weekend.  Friday night was the closing program for VBS.  Saturday, we didn't do too much.  Some errands, good food, Son came home from the Amish country with the Grandparents.  We did go get our free Nestle mini-drumsticks.  It was fun. 

Sunday, we honored our soldiers and country at church.  It was kind of  an emotional day. Mom and Dad came over later and we grilled out and then went to a new ice cream place called TWIST.  The pictures are of Foxy and Son, me and Gpa, and Daughter and Gma.  It was very hot, and a great night for ice cream.

Monday, Foxy's brother & SIL came over to watch the parade with us.  Then we went out to eat.  Daughter marched.  The parade was bigger than last year and great weather, not too humid.  We got under a tree, where the shade and a breeze kept us cool.  After the relatives went home, Foxy watered the garden and Josie Belle, and I took pictures.  We then rested a bit, and then went to the Light Up the Sky in Monroe for the festival and fireworks.
Here's the garden.

The watermelon is starting to vine.

This is one of the several volunteer tomato plants.  Probably cherry tomatos.

This is our radishes.

This is the zucchini.

One of the two cucumbers plants.

We lost another tomato plant, but we still have plenty and they are starting to grow.

Here's our first green pepper.  Yumm-yumm!

Here is our wax pepper.  Can't wait to put it on pizza!

This is Josie Bell getting sprayed.  She actually barks until we spray her.  With all her hair, it really cools her down!

 Hope your weekend was just a great.  I'll try and put some fireworks pictures I took up tomorrow.  Have a great Tuesday!

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