Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every week on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, there has been at least one amazing routine.  Melanie and Marko have been almost perfect every week.  Jess and Clarice have been almost as good.  Last night, Jess and Clairce had to do a hip-hop number.  I was very nervous for them because, let's face it, Jess is amazing, but he doesn't strike me as a hip-hop guy. He's a broadway talent.  In fact, Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) was a guest judge last night and told Jesse that he will tell Neil Patrick Harris to give Jesse the keys to Broadway.  He is that good.

Anyway, Clarice and Jesse brought tears to my eyes because of they lyrical hip-hop routine they did last night.  It was to the song Just The Way You Are (which was made popular by Bruno Mars), but not the exact same version.  I loved it.  Amazing.  They were both perfect!

Did you watch this?

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