Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dog Mail

Okay, so she's only 8 years old (56 in dog years), but she received her first piece of mail yesterday.  I got several emails letting me know that it came.  Nothing extraordinary about this, except that Josie Belle Fox is a dog.  My dog.  I am into getting free stuff when I can and when it came to dog food, I thought it would be cute if it was addressed to the dog.  I was at work when the mail came, so I tried to get someone at home to take a picture of Josie and her mail.  No one did.  I had to do it myself.
It's a small can of Alpo, with a coupon!  Score!

Josie Bell is checking out her mail.

"Mom!  Quit taking my picture."  She is just like my other kids.

There's that pretty face!

She is sooooo skinny.
Tomorrow I will have pictures of the garden.  We had a lot of visitor's last night, so I didn't get out there.


  1. To cute!! And I can't wait to see pics of your garden. Mine has died and I'm sad. No more fresh tomatoes. :(

  2. awww thats so cute! and what a good idea! maybe I will order something for my dog in the mail!


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