Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tales of A Driving Teenage Daughter

Yesterday's VText messages from Daughter:

Daughter:  I hit a raccoon.

Me:  You okay?

Daughter:  Baha ya. I laughed Baylie was like what! Maddie was like did u hear the bone crack?

Me:  Gross, Maddie!  Was it alive when you hit it?

Daughter:  We not sure.

Okay, how can you not be sure it was alive?  Anyway, it was the first animal she ran over.  Later she told me that animals were trying to commit suicide with her car all day.  Two birds dived in front of the car, a cat, and well, she swerved and clipped a mailbox, tearing off the side mirror.  The mailbox lived to collect another day, while the mirror shattered all over Son. 

Yesterday was an extremely tense day for me.

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