Friday, July 15, 2011

S'mores and Upside Down Rainbows!

Last night the air was cool, the humidity was low, and it was beautiful.  So we decided to start a fire and sit around the firepit.

While sitting there, Daughter and I saw this in the sky above us.  An upside down rainbow.
With the help of my cousin on facebook, we found out that this is a rare phenomenon called Circumzenithal arc. 
A circumzenithal arc is a fascinating atmospheric phenomenon, sometimes called a reverse rainbow, because at first glance it does indeed resemble a backwards or upside-down rainbow. Many observers miss out on circumzenithal arcs, because they are located directly overhead; astronomers cite the circumzenithal arc as another reason for people to look up more, as if the stars weren't enough. Unlike a rainbow, which appears opposite the sun, a circumzenithal arc is centered around the zenith of the sky, and can only appear if the solar angle is less than 32 degrees.   (This comes from  Pretty cool. 

So in the course of the evening, I spent time with Foxy, my daughter, our adopted daughter, and also an adopted son.  Loved the time and had s'mores.  Have you ever had a York Peppermint Pattie S'more?  Try it, it's divine!

Today I will go home, soak beans for bean soup, start laundry, and then Daughter and I will go pick up Son from church camp.  Can not wait to see him and hear his stories!  Tomorrow will be a low-key day, as will Sunday (I hope).  Foxy has to work all weekend, which is a first in a month or so.  Have a great weekend!

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