Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PINT version of Cars, Signs and Sayings...

This week, link of Supah and all our wonderful Post It Note Tuesday Friends!

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My posities are all about cars, trucks and license plates, with a few random sayings from over the weekend.

and last but not least....


  1. I love that tire discount center sign! Hilarious :)

    Happy PINT! Supah's site seems to hate me, I can't link up :(

  2. Love the bumper sticker and those are some great license plates! Have a great day.

  3. I love the bumper sticker! My favorite license plate is Steelurz, but I'm partial to them!

  4. Love your son's response to Hamlet! Hopefully it got more interesting for him once the action started! And great bumper sticker for your daughter! I love bumper stickers lol.

  5. I'm laughing at Crackin as a license plate!

  6. Loving the bumper sticker!!!

    I so need to drive more to see more plates :)

  7. Love your Pint! Come visit my blog when you can..there is a surprise for you

  8. Happy Pint. i love the one about the bumper sticker. Now following you


  9. Hi Foxy lady! I've been meaning to come over here and tell you MAHALO for the upcoming mention on Friday. LUB YOU! And guess what! I took your advice and tried a new bowl and DUH! Lulu ate. She didn't have eating issues, she had bowl issues. ha ha

    I dig your sticky notes, btw

  10. Thanks for stopping by and following Weezer's Haven. I'm doing the same...you, not me.
    It took me forever to figure out what PINT was.....uh huh. Duh!
    Where in Ohio? I've got an aunt in Cinci.


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