Thursday, August 26, 2010

Referrals, Pictures and I'm trying to take a breath!

Apparently I don't understand how to do things that have to do with doctor referrals and such.  Last Wednesday we went to the doctor to show off Son's new crooked nose.  Dr. Kid said he would make the referral and the ENT's office would call us.  As of last night, we still had not heard from anyone.  So I had Foxy call today to Dr. Kid and find out what was going on on their end.  They of course said they sent the referral in and the ENT should have called by now.  So Foxy got the name of the ENT and called Central Scheduling.  The person that he talked to said we had to come in TODAY.  So Foxy went and picked up the x-ray of the nose, picked up Son and I met them at the Cincinnati Children's Medical Center (CCMC) satellite.  We met the ENT, a short balding man who was all business.

He basically told us that Dr. Kidd should have called them because just sending the referral doesn't work.  The paper ends up on a pile.  He then told us that they like to fix broken noses in 7 days or less.  But being less than two weeks, it's still okay. 

Dr. ENT looked at Son and said, "Well you don't need CT-Scan to see that his nose is broke."  Was that suppose to be funny?  I think he was trying to be.  Well, he said that surgery will either be tomorrow or Tuesday.    He didn't explain the procedure, just that they are going to do a Closed Reduction of the Nasal Fracture.  Basically they are going to straighten his nose.  He said he can go back to his regular activities tomorrow night.  Seriously?  He is going to be under general anesthesia until 2:30, then recover for a couple hours or so, and then he can go to marching band?  Yeah, I don't think so.  I may miss my first football game in a couple of seasons.  I'm just glad it's not a league game.


So how about some random pictures?  Yeah?  Okay!

 Daughter is wearing the top from her Drill Team halftime outfit.

The girl on the bench in the middle (next to #25) wearing the headband is Miss Varsity Cheerleader.  She also plays soccer.  Unfortunately, they lost this game 1 - 0.

This is what the nurses at the Oral Surgeon's place did to Daughter's arm.  She now looks like she is a user.  Her face is not swollen, but bruised under each cheek.  She told someone she got in a fight, and they believed her.  Daughter fighting?  How could anyone believe that?  LOL.

Well, I am trying to take a breath.  I hope to send out a blog tomorrow, but if not, you will know where I'll be.  Have a great Thursday!


  1. Man, your kids are taking a beating!!! I have some IV scars on my arm from the various IV's I've had for back procedures. They're my battle wounds ;)

  2. Omgoodness, i say a breath is needed :)

    That bruise looks scary and under the eye too ... ;(

  3. I hate when they do that to your arms! For work we were required to give blood for blood work about 2 years ago now and they made my arm look awful. I was glad it was January and I could wear long sleeves. it took up almost ALL of my arm


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