Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Toll Fines and School!

You can translate initials into meaning whatever you can dream up.  My husband said BFH the other day.  I asked what it stood for.  He said, Big Friendly Hammer.  Daughter on the other hand said it meant Boy From Hood. 

So yesterday, Son got a call from Gpa.    Gpa told him that he and Daughter owe him $125.80.  Son asked, "What for?"  Gpa replied that he got a ticket for not paying the tolls in Minnesota.  Son just cracked up!  So, I asked Son what happened on vacation.  He told me that every time they came to a toll, Gma would say that it was to get off the highway and Gpa decided he didn't have to pay the tolls.  So yesterday in the mail, he received a big ticket.  It is so amusing that he finally got caught at something.  Gpa talks his way out of tickets all the time.  He usually doesn't say too much either.  If he had paid the tolls, he probably would have paid less than $15.  I am very amused! 

In other news, Son found out his teachers.  Last night Son and I went to find his locker and where each of his classes are.  He has Mr. Repeat for Social Studies.  Daughter had him two years ago and Son had him last year.  Now he has him again.  Son told us all last year that Mr. Repeat "hates" him.  But yet he did pretty well in that class. 

Son also has Ms. L for science.  Daughter had her too.  Ms. L asked who Son was and he said his name.  I said, "Daughter's his sister," and Son chimed in, "I'm nothing like her."   Ms. L's face dropped and said, "Oh.  I like her."  LOL.  Poor younger siblings.  If the first one is great, they expect them all to be the same.  My two are happy kids, but nothing like each other.

There is Mr. Math, who not many kids like and adults think he's a bit creepy.  Good thing Daughter is great in helping Son with his math.  Son also has the new basketball coach for language arts and the new football head coach for a second semester class called Learning and Leading.  We are told that this class is for advanced students.

Son has been asking everyone he knows if anyone has the same schedule as him.  I keep telling him that he will be in with all the smart kids.  Not that his friends aren't smart, but they are more the crazy class clowns and Son is one of the ringleaders.  So he has found a couple, but no one has his exact schedule.  Should be an interesting year.

Daughter finds out her classes and teachers when she gets to school today.  In high school they assign you to a home room using alphabetical order and then on the first day they hand out locker assignments and schedules.  So I won't know anything until tonight. 

I am sad because I have homework the first week of school.  You know, all the stupid forms that need filled out?  Why can't they put them on a computer and you change what you need to anyway?  They don't update or read them because my Daughter's address has always been wrong.  We live on W Drive and it dead-ends into W Way.  Her address always is W Way.  So why do I fill out these if no one looks at them?  If I have an update, fine.  I'll call you.


  1. Yikes! Hope Gpa learns his lesson! :P

    Btw, I totally appreciate your word of support in my latest post! I will do my best in my baking journey! Thanks dear friend!

  2. Stopping by from iFellowship to say hi!

  3. Stopping by from iFellowship to say hi!!

  4. That's funny about your son telling his new teacher he's nothing like his sister. At the end of sixth grade my mother told my seventh grade teacher she was going to have another of my mother's children the following year. The teacher's response was, 'Not another A?!" My mother laughed and told her no, that's I'd surprise her. I hated following after my trouble maker brother all through school.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    Cheers :-)
    - Rainforest Mommy

  5. Oh, to be the younger sibling who gets the same teacher's that his older sibling had!! Love the teacher's reaction!!!


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