Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF Pictures

 Happy Birthday to Foxy!
I'm glad we got to celebrate as a family last night.  I'm sorry my rib is out again.  I'm sorry that we scheduled Daughter's oral surgery today.

We had a great time at El Rancho Grande.  I ordered extra white sauce and the kids flipped for that.  I don't like their red sauce they pass for salsa.  To me it is very plain and not hot.
I had chimichangas for supper with beans and rice.  Here is what was left.

I have been trying all week to put new pictures on my computer.  When I woke up this morning, my Droid had an update to install, so I let that happen when I took my shower.  When I came back, all the pictures I sent to my email were finally there.  So I have some new pictures for you.  

A couple of pictures are of Son with his broken nose.  It really isn't too bad.  Just wanted to warn ya.

Here is what Son's nose looked like Monday night.
Here is what it looked like before that. 
So sad.  We are now just waiting for the Ears, Nose and Throat specialist to call.  

Today, Daughter is having her wisdom teeth taken out.  Monday we went school shopping and her is what she modeled.
The jeans were not purchased here.  Too baggy for her.  We got her jeans at Kohl's.  But we got her a couple of cute things.  

And lastly, the marching band's show is called Take Journey with the Monroe Marching Band, featuring Journey songs.  Here is there t-shirt they wear under their uniforms.
We are the Hornets, so they made the wings to be Hornet wings.  Cool, huh?
The back looks like this.  When they are getting ready to go on, this is what they yell.  Field Commander says the white, the band in gold.

Head.  Up
Shoulders.  Up, back, down.
Marble.  Pinched.
Heels. Together.
Back. Arched.
Eyes.  With Pride.
Attitude.  In Your Face.

It's has taken me this t-shirt to learn all of that.  It is intimidating when we hear 70+ kids scream this.

What is your weekend consisting of?  Mine is taking care of Daughter, and going to church and Hornet Day.  The men are going to a car show tomorrow night.  I'm going to buy The Last Song and Daughter and I are going to watch that and Sex and the City this weekend. 

Have a great one!


  1. That nose looks painful. I hope both your children's faces heal well and quickly.

    Here's hoping next week will be less painful for everyone.

  2. Lovely photos, lovely family!

  3. i have no clue what i'm getting into this weekend! It's a free one, for once :) I think i'll relax and read. I hope your daughter's oral surgery goes well, and she - and your son's nose - heal up quickly! :)

  4. Wisdom teeth out, sucks! make sure she has lots of soft foods! haha this is gross but jello tastes just as good going down as it does coming back up. Not a true statement for pudding. The meds they gave me for pain could cause you to get sick. This is how I know this info :)

  5. I remember those high school marching band days. My youngest daughter (a flutist) married the drum major (also percussionist) 4 years ago this month. Gotta watch those musicians.
    that nose looks painful. How did the wisdom teeth extraction go?

  6. glad to hear that the birthday dinner was good.Good pics. Sorry about the nose, I can relate to that since I fractured mine last month . Weekend, take pictures, go back to spring cleaning. have a good weekend. rose

  7. His nose doesn't look to bad. but I hope the ENT calls soon. Love the clothes your daughter picked out. R2 is finally well enough to go to school tomorrow. So excited!!


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