Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update - Surgery, Mexican, Laundry

Thanks to all of you who left messages of well wishes for us.  Things are hopefully going to be a lot more normal this week!  

My favorite d-jays wanted me to sum up my weekend in three words.  Here they are:  Surgery, Mexican, laundry.  What are your three words?

Son came through his quickie surgery so wonderfully!  We got to the hospital, they took us to his room and did his physical and explained everything to him.  He was quiet tentative, but did great.  When it was time, they wheeled him back, we said our "see-ya-laters" and checked in with the desk clerk.  We went and sat down with my parents and our minister.  Foxy decided to go to the bathroom.  He left and we were paged.  I walked up to the desk, think something was wrong, and the clerk said that the doctor was ready to talk to us.  I looked over and the he was opening the door.  I went over and told him I didn't know where Foxy was and he said, "You snooze, you lose."  Well alrighty, then.

I walked in sat down and the doctor said that all went well.  Son's nose is straight except for his septum (the little piece that divides the nostrils).  Doc said he couldn't really do much to straighten it, but all is well and to come see him on Thursday to take the splint off.  I shook his hand, thanked him and smiled.   I went back out to see Foxy coming toward me.  I told him it was over and we should be able to see him soon.  

When we were able to go back and see him, Son was laying there talking up a storm.  Not in his usual chipper, hyper self, but a little more laid back.  The nurse assigned to him was giggling and told me that with every question, he answered 'Yes ma'am, no ma'am' and 'thank you.'  She said she commented to him about his politeness and he told her that "my momma raised me right."  LOL.  They also got out of him about his girlfriend, so we tried to get other truths out.  I asked him how much money had he taken, and he looked at me and said "Six million dollars."  Well so much for that.  Here's a picture of him at home eating some cinnamon toast.

His eyes still look loopy, but we did end up going to the football game.  He stayed with the band, but did not play.  

As for Friday night Football, the Hornets won!  Our new coach got his first win under his belt and our band got lots of applause and hoots and hollers for their performance.
Daughter is to the left of the 50 yard line and she smiled and did everything totally perfect all night!  Son is down in the left hand side in the red hat.  What a great looking band.

After every home win, the band goes on the field in one big line and does a follow-the leader/bear and seniors ,walk they call the snake.  It's called that because they go in and out of each other, round and round, like a snake.
The girl in black that is between to band members is Daughter.
Again, the red hat kid is Son.  Next week, boy, next week.

Saturday I flew around the area in my Edge going to the bank, the grocery and then back home to clean because nine kids and two adults came to my house as part of the Youth Progressive Dinner.  They had Appetizers at our Senior Minister's house of little tacquitos, then to a Youth Advisors where they had taco salads.  Then on to my house for Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas and then to one of our Elder's family house for fried ice cream and swimming.  Everyone was too full!

Yesterday we went to church and then came home and I did laundry. That is very nice. 

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