Friday, August 13, 2010

They're okay Because....Jesus Took the Wheel

Happy Friday the 13th.  This would have been my FIL's bday.  What a crazy evening we had.

It all started becuz Foxy wanted to get more stuff to fix his new-to-him old truck.  I told him he could go get one thing that cost less than $10, plus something for Daughter's car.  Foxy and Son left and Daughter was impatiently waiting for SYTYCD to come on and I went to work making Watermelon Salsa.  I cut the watermelon, jalapenos, and then Daughter asked me to watch a dance on a dvd she was borrowing.  I sat down and realized that my phone was in my pocket.  I took it out and saw I had a message and a miss call.  It was from Son.
I called him back and he said, "We are broke down on the next road over.  Come down and call AAA."  So immediately, we hop in the Edge (Daughter without shoes) and drive over there.  This is what I saw.

When they got to the parts store, Son noticed that the front passenger tire was wiggling.  So Foxy decided that he'd check it when he got home.  He was about 2 miles from home when the lugnuts sheared off and the tire went flying.  There is a field of soybeans on the right and the tire went over the corner of the field and next to the line of trees.  The road has no shoulder, and it goes down about six feet into a ditch.
Thankfully, Foxy is a terrific driver, kept his cool and did his best to keep it on the road, and out of that ditch.  He told me later that he doesn't know how NASCAR driver's do it when they are going 180+ MPH because it was everything he could do to keep it on the road and they were only going 35 MPH.
The impact of hitting the ground that fast made 5' 10" Son hit his knees on the dashboard and his hat bill.  If he hadn't had the hat on, he would have probably gotten a concussion.  So his knees were really hurting him last night.  Plus Foxy wrenched his back.
When they stopped, Son could only open the door a couple of inches, so he decided to crawl out the window...and fell down the ditch.  Here is what they saw.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, just banged up a little.  It could have been a lot worse.  Foxy said that it was a Carrie Underwood song moment "Jesus Take the Wheel".  He didn't have to ask for it though, Jesus was right there keeping him calm and guiding him in what to do.
So I call AAA and ask for a tow.  The lady asked me what happened and I told her "The passenger front wheel came off."
She asked if the car "was broke."  I had her on speaker phone and looked at Foxy and Son and with an incredulous look on my face, said "Well, we can't put the wheel back on."  Seriously?  Why would I want a tow if the car was not broke?  All I can say to this is ONSTAR would have contacted me and had cops and a tow on the way by then.  (I am sure that all AAA workers are not like this lady.  The last one I worked with was awesome.)
The tow truck gets there and Daughter and I immediately start thinking the tow driver looked like the one from the movie "Adventures In Babysitting".  Daughter said, "If he has a hook as a hand, I'm outta here."  LOL.  He didn't.  He did tell Foxy later that they were very lucky.
So when we get home, we have missed almost an hour and a half of SYTYCD, call our neighbor to come over and we watch the dances we want and get to the end just as...Lauren is named America's Favorite Dancer.  NOOOOOO!  We still love Kent, because you know, Kent Is My Boyd!
And I finished my salsa.  It was delish.  Here it is...

And one last picture.  Yesteday was picture day.  I stole this picture from a mom I know on Facebook.

Daughter is the N in the front row and Son is in the next row, three over from the right. (behind the last Auxillary girl with a Hornet on her shirt)  The kids were sitting there in 90+ degree heat (over 100+ degree heat index).  And this is the first year to have pictures in their new band uniforms.  Aren't they beautiful?
Have a great weekend.  As always, we have a lot going on and I'll have lots of pictures and fun updates. 


  1. Good thing they were ok! Yeah that could have been dangerous! And the new band uniforms are GREAT! Our old band uniforms were so friggin hot! I bet those are too, especially being black in the sun but they are awesome!

  2. Oh boy, what a day! I'm glad no one was seriousl hurt. I think I would have been a mess!

  3. I'm glad no one was hurt!

    And yum, I love salsa.

  4. Sounds like a crazy & exciting day. I love that old move "Adventures in Babysitting."

    My Mom is totally into SYTYCD (I don't watch it) but she didn't want the girl to win either.

    Glad no one was hurt & the last picture is great.

    Hope you're having a nice night :)


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