Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update August 7 - 8

I have four words for this weekend...Tired from Band Camp!

I had a great time.  I loved the whole 3 days I was there, but boy am I pooped!
I went out Thursday evening around 8 PM and listened to them do their first set.  They are doing songs by the band Journey; Anyway You Want It, Open Arms, and Don't Stop Believin'.  They are a great group of kids, the directors and drill team advisor, the Band Booster president, and all the parents that helped.
To be honest, I am the only parent who was out there all weekend, so I may be the one in charge in a couple of years.  Ms. Prez's daughter is a junior this year, so she will want to be out of it by next year or so.  I have at least five years (if Son stays with it, which I think he will) to go. 
The camp is so structured that it is pretty easy to do.  I think my favorite part was that my daughter would come over to where I worked with snowcones during free time and spend time with me.  I helped Son with his music while everyone else was marching (he is now in Pit because the doctor's won't let him march yet and he is too far behind.  But the Ms. Director was impressed with his playing.  He is trying to make plans for getting more kids in the Pit and having a Pit mascot and such.
Here are some pictures to enjoy.
The girl in the white t-shirt between to two people in orange is Daughter.  The Drill Advisor and the director's kept commenting on how she had improved so much in her marching and not getting into all the drama the other kids would cause.  She is showing real signs of being a true leader for the Drill team in the future.
This is Son on the xylophone.  He practiced a lot with the flutes and clarinets.  He plays a lot of melody and really got into it.  He really did like it and loved being there.  He liked that his father came out every night and slept in the cabin with all 18 of the 8th grade boys.  

Here's a run down of how this band has grown.
Seniors - 5
Juniors - 7
Sophomores - 11
Freshman - 18
8th Graders - 23
 The band is starting to grow by leaps and bounds.  
This is another picture of Friday evening on the field.  The drill team had themes every night.  Thursday night they had tie-dye shirts, Friday was Hawaiian night, and Saturday night they all wore sundresses.   It was nice to see them uniformed and a little more together.  Sometimes the girls don't mesh well together, but each group practiced in sectionals in the afternoon and it was wonderful to hear how far they came.  The first public performance is August 22nd for Hornet Day.  That is when all the fall sports/band will be introduced to the public.  It's a lot of fun.
So how was your weekend? 


  1. Thanks for stopping over! That sure looked exhausting but fun too!

    Hope you can stop over and enter my $40 csnstores gift card giveaway!

  2. Wow. That sounds exhausting. And I thought my weekend was tiring! ;)

  3. I think it's great of the support you give ay band camp. I feel that your involvment has to make a positive impact with your son and daughter. Rose

  4. Journey rocks!!! You are going to have to tape them and blog about it! Can't wait to hear them!!

  5. Phew sounds tiring! We actually had a calm weekend which I know I need to enjoy because those are going to be phew and far between once soccer really gets going!

  6. Love the band camp pics! Our band camp runs this Monday-Saturday. Somehow I'm the one in charge of lunches for 200, shade, ice water, and nursing. I LOVE every stinking minute of it though. Band Kids are the sweetest teenagers on EARTH!


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