Friday, August 27, 2010

What the Friday!

It's Friday!  Or as my two favorite radio personalities say, "What the Friday!"  I get to leave work 45 minutes early so I can meet Foxy, Son, Gpa and Gma at the hospital.  I feel more sad that Daughter went to school, I may miss the first football game, and that Son will miss his first chance to play in the Marching band.  There is next week though.  
When I got home last night, this was parked in front of a neighbor's house.
  If you look closer, you can tell that it's a bad paint job.  It's a pretty shade of pink, though.
 This is Daughter.  Her top is gorgeous, don't you think?  Wednesday night at the radio show the band performed outside of the Buffalo Wings and Rings.  See the pom-pom in there.  That is what she does.  Also, you can see the bruising on her cheek from her wisdom teeth surgery.  It is much better, but a reddish-yellow now.  Tonight they are unveiling their new props (there is tall flags, ribbons, and air blades.  I hope to get pictures of each and her during performances in the near future.
Thanks to all for your well wishes and concerns.  We'll get through.
My weekend looks like this...
Friday:  work, Son's surgery, resting at home/football game tonight
Saturday:  Progressive Dinner for Junior and Senior High kids from church
Sunday:  Church, and hopefully that is it.
What's your weekend like? 


  1. Praying that your weekend goes well and for healing all round!

  2. My weekend will be like: going to Target & Ikea, doing some cleaning around the house and organizing my recipe binder!

    I hope your sons surgery went ok!


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