Monday, August 16, 2010

same kind of different as me - book review

Today, I want to give a book review on a book I chose from  The title is "same kind of different as me" by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent.  This book was a warm, eye-opening story of the life of a twentieth century slave and a rich man. This true story helped me see into the lives of the homeless and how a friendship should not be catch and released, but held onto forever.

Ron and Denver become friends first because of the urging of Ron's wife, Debbie.  She is a Godly woman who is on a mission to touch the lives of the homeless in Fort Worth, Texas.  She dreams about Denver and when she finally sees him in person, asks her husband to befriend him.  This homeless, meaner-than-mean man tries his hardest to get away from the love that Debbie and eventually, Ron freely give him, but not without some interesting twists and turns.

I found this book to be inspiring to any person who wants to help out, but is fearful.  In the book, Ron and Denver tell us their story of how they came to where they are today, with bluntness and honesty.  You will be appalled at the obstacles that Denver overcomes to in living on a southern plantation to feeling his pain in becoming a homeless man in the worst parts of Fort Worth, to seeing the amazement of him being a messenger of God.  This book shows how God can use some of the people that our society deems as unlovable to help those who would normally snub their noses at them.  Denver is matter of fact about his life on the plantation and totally accepting that life is as it should be.  From the pain of losing all his loved ones to getting beat for helping a woman with her car, Denver Moore shows courage and forgiveness.

Ron and Debbie Hall's philanthropy to getting in the middle of a food kitchen, serving the food and helping start many programs to show how much they want to do God's work.  Debbie gives and gives and at first, Ron is along for the ride because he loves his wife.  But soon, Ron sees things that makes his heart soften and finally befriend Denver to the point that Denver becomes part of their family. 

This real story has challenged me to give more of myself.  I am inspired by the willingness of the Halls and the path that God has chosen for me.  I hope you take time to give this book a read.  It will show how you can open yourself with God's help and how he can use you to be blessed and to bless.

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