Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I am off to the doctor with Son.  His nose and face reminds me of Eric Stolz's face in MASK.  Remember that movie with him and Cher?  I loved that movie.  Except when Rocky died at the end.  That wasn't fair.

The worst part of this whole broken nose thing is that the hospital tries to be helpful and give us the name of a Ears, Nose and Throat doctor to help.  So when I called this doctor, they told me they were not on our network.  So I called our family doctor, who instead of giving me a name, is making me come in.  I guess he wants to see the fracture for himself. 

So, the hospital doctor gave Son Acetaminophen-Codeine to take by mouth every 6 hrs as needed for four days.  That's 32 pills.  I am not sure we got that much, but thankfully, Son has a very high tolerance for pain.  He only takes one pill after band and one pill around 9:30 pm.  Then he fights the sleep.  I'm sure right now that sleep is elusive.  He was starting to having sinus issues before he broke his nose, and now he can't breathe or put the spray up his nostril to use.  Poor thing!

I'll update everyone tomorrow!


  1. Hope his pain isn't too severe! I know all about insurance networks!! My husband's home office is out of our state and we live in a small, rural town. You can imagine how many doctors AREN'T in our network!! So frustrating!

  2. Oh man that poor kid. :(

    I used to love the movie Mask but I think it is too sad to watch now.


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